How Good Design Can Lead To More Sales

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3 min readMay 17, 2022


A good design turns your brand a competitive edge, drives powerful marketing results, plus it makes you stand out.

I am sure many people out there think that graphic design is nothing more than beautiful images, texts, figures, or something like that. Nothing wrong with that opinion, but graphic design actually more than just enchanting logos, good packaging, and products. Design is more than how it looks. Graphic design can be used to increase the sales of your business as well.

One of my business friends once told me that good design is a good business. We have to admit that we often choose a brand or service that offers based on its appearances on social media ads or other advertisements. And in this article, I will tell you how good design will increase sales and business growth.

#1 That first impression that matters

The design of the product, the logo, or the packaging design are the way we communicate the value of our brand to the customers. Now, imagine you are walking through a grocery store to buy a body wash. There are a lot of body wash products or brands in front of your eyes that compete to get your attention and convince you that they are worth buying.

Here, I guess you will choose the most attractive design product and then you decide whether you buy it or not. The good design of a product really matters and plays a huge role in increasing sales. And so, a good designer will consider how it looks and how it works.

#2 Build strong customer trust

Design is the first thing the consumer sees when looking at your brand. It can be the logo, packaging, advertisement, or anywhere on your business’s social media. Moreover, your brand design can establish long-lasting emotional connections and build trust with your target consumer.

Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

#3 Broaden target audience

Before we continue, look at these two product design examples.

Good design can help you market or broaden your business target audience of several categories of people. Look at the examples above, the design really specifies the audience that you want to reach or the product is used for.

So that’s why consider the voice of your brand and the product’s value have to be well represented and communicated in a good design.

#4 Motivate people to take action

One of the essential things that should be included in a good design is adding ‘call to action words. Those words, such as “Try it now”, “Buy it now”, or “Download for free” will convince your customers to take action.

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