10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas for Your Business

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As your business needs to be on social media, it takes time and creativity to provide compelling content ideas to your followers. Calm yourself down, we’re here to help.

Keep reading to discover creative content ideas for your social media and keep you engaged with your followers.

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Since everyone now is using Social Media, it becomes a great place for you to promote your business and gains more sales. In fact, there are more than 4.5 billion social media users in the world.

Many business owners out there are struggling to figure out how to make social media work for them. It is essential for your business to create relevant, informative, and engaging content at the same time.

Without the things above, you will lose your followers and drop your engagement. Later on, you will be challenged and run out of ideas for creating everyday content for your Social Media followers.

Keep attracting your followers and here is a list of Social Media content ideas that you can try!

10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas and Examples

1. Behind The Scene

Let your audience know much about your business by delivering behind the scene video. Tell them how you work and how you put hearts into everything you make.

Tell the story about your business can build a good reputation in front of your customers. BTS content can be another way of showing that your business is worthy and unique.

Take a look at this Pandora video

The Official Pandora on Instagram

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2. Educative Content

Adding value to your business by creating educative content. Delivering educational content doesn’t mean creating a tedious one.

You can educate your followers about your business, what you do, and how your product works in an entertaining way. Indeed, you can show how your business can solve its current problems.

Just be creative with it!

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3. Interactive Content

Your followers love to be engaged with you. Try to create some interactive contents to keep your audience active and interact more often with them.

You can ask them to participate in polls, quizzes, and other fun activities. You can use some features or tools in Social Media to help you create engaging, fun, and get closer to your followers.

Shein Official on Instagram

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4. Giveaway

Who doesn’t like giveaways? You can use this option to encourage more likes, shares, and engagements with your audiences.

You can give any relevant prize to your business. You can gift any free product or something else.

Impress and make your followers happy!

Myrubylicious on Instagram

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5. Special Deals

Your customers love to receive exclusive deals or discounts from you. Therefore, you can select any special date and offer them exclusive deals.

You can select sort of sales ideas, such as offering exclusive coupons or holding flash sales.

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6. User-Generated Content

It can be images, videos, or even podcasts, any form of content created by your audiences is essential.

It can be referred to as customer loyalty which builds trust and customer satisfaction. Besides, it helps increase conversions and influence purchasing decisions.

Let your audience share your product or business on their Social Media. Look at this example! A proud customer is showing Coach Bag on her Social Media.

Jihane Almira on Instagram

Image via Instagram

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7. Testimonial Feedback

There is no other happy thing than receiving good feedback from your audience.

It’s essential to share honest reviews and what people said about your business. Again, it will build trust and win your customer’s hearts.

You can share some testimonials or honest reviews from your customers and share them on your Social Media account.

Chanel’s Official account on Instagram

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8. Hilarious Memes Content

Let’s create something hilarious and fun content. Perhaps your audience is getting bored with saturated content, why don’t we try to present something humorous?

Memes can be one of the options. Create something fun related to your business. Just create your own versions of any popular memes and post it on your Social Media account.

McDonald’s on Instagram

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9. Engage in Social Issues

Invite your audience to make a positive impact on the world. By creating this content, you inform your customers that you’re not only selling your product, you either take care of people around you.

You can select any social issues that are related to your business and make them happen.

Here’s an example from The Body Shop

The Body Shop on Instagram

Image via Instagram

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10. Celebrate Special Days

From International, National to Local Days, there are multiple celebrations for each day that you can make as social media content ideas.

Spark your creativity, share any relevant days to your business and get your audience involved in celebrating those days.

Look at this content. Pixar celebrated Diwali Day.

Pixar on Instagram

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Additional Help for Social Media Content

Creating content might take your time and push your creativity. It could be frustrating sometimes. Therefore, giving the best performance is a must.

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